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Current Projects


Where Nature, History, and the Arts Come Together to Tell the Story of Sanford

We have obtained an estimate for engineering and architectural landscape plans. The funds raised through the 2024 Sanford Historic Garden Tour will be applied to fund the conceptualization and design. Meanwhile, the City of Sanford is establishing clear parameters for the project’s location (roughly 1.5 acres), determined based on the reconstruction of Lake Carola. Once complete, pathways and other hardscaping can be determined, followed by the creation of “garden rooms.”

Shrub-lined enclosures and hedged walls will create garden rooms, each with a specific theme and selection of plants, such as roses, Florida native plants, citrus, vegetables, tropicals, butterflies, and an important member of Sanford’s agricultural history - Henry Shelton Sanford.

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Growing Community Bonds in Georgetown

We have partnered with the Historic Hopper Academy to bring a community garden to the community of Georgetown. 

Currently, a committee is being formed to plan the garden. The Sanford Cultural Guild will fundraise and oversee the installation of the community garden. 

Benefits of a community garden: 

  • Cultivate common ground with neighbors

  • Neighborhood beautification

  • Potential for local elementary school involvement

  • Increase access to fresh foods and improve food security

  • Increase physical activity through garden maintenance 

  • Improve mental health and promote relaxation

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